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A. Spanish Language and Culture University Programs


Sep. 4th - Nov. 28th

11 weeks of tuition
(12-week stay)
330 lessons
Course break:
October 11th - 15th
November 1st


EUR 2,500


January 12th - May 9th

14 weeks of tuition
(16-week stay)
330 lessons.
Holyday break:
Feb 28th - Mar 6th
Easter break:
Apr 11th - 17th
National holiday:
May 2nd


EUR 3,400



May 28th - July 10th

Six weeks of stay & tuition
140 lessons

Local holiday: June 16th

EUR 2,100



Any subject + Spanish.
   Customized upon request according to availability and calendar dates.


Intensive two, three or four-week courses with an emphasis on culture and field trips. Customized upon request according to availability and calendar dates.


Classroom observation & practice. Graduate credit.


International Centre of Higher Learning offering Spanish Language and Culture Courses and Programs in Granada, Spain, since 1986.

Faculty members have a wide experience and are fully qualified, with master's degrees in Philology and Applied Linguistics. In addition all have completed the necessary requirements to teach Spanish as a Foreign Language and the CEGRI Teacher Training Course. Furthermore, we participate in a year-round Continuous Training Program and attend relevant conferences and seminars. We also make significant contributions in the fields of Spanish Language and Culture including publishing books. Faculty members are coordinated and supervised by the Director of Academic Affairs (Principal).

Our faculty have daily office hours to address student academic concerns.

There are also two resident directors that deal specifically with student accommodations and personal needs.

Our administrative team is always available to answer your questions.

CEGRI is centrally located in a historic fully-restored 17th century noble's house.

Granada's Town Hall, Cathedral, and mall, Plaza Nueva and Plaza Bib-Rambla as well as a choice of reasonably-priced restaurants and bars, are all at walking distance.

At CEGRI there are three classrooms, and a computer room with free wi-fi internet access and printing services for students.

How you will learn

A small classroom environment provides ample opportunities for student interaction and quick learning. We teach standard Spanish. However, we do not limit ourselves to teaching only the language: There are classes devoted to a wide variety of subjects. Before the program starts we provide you with an orientation and evaluate your language ability in Spanish. In accordance with this evaluation, your academic requirements and your field of interest, we offer the following choice of courses:


Spanish Language

  • Grammar
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Conversation
  • Pronunciation


Spanish Culture

  • History
  • Literature
  • Cinema
  • Law
  • History of Art
  • Current Events
  • Traditions & Customs


Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced sections

Courses conducted in cooperation with the University of Illinois and other institutions of Higher Education

Note: Students enrolling for these courses at the Universities of Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Black Hills State University obtain full academic credit and other benefits.

Students from all over the world are eligible for the program.

1 lesson: 50 minutes
24 lessons per week
Classes run Monday to Thursday

All classes are taught in Spanish

Maximum group size: 12 students

Course Fees include:
Placement test
All learning material
One excursion in Granada
Flamenco performance
Course certificates and grades

Students taking the "History of Art in Spain" class have a weekly cultural excursion in Granada included in the course fees.

There are optional weekend excursions.

In our language classes small size groups and a dynamic approach to learning ensure frequent practice and interaction.

CEGRÍ supplies books for each course, designed specifically for students of Spanish as a foreign language. We also work with films and texts from Spanish newspapers and magazines.

CEGRÍ's approach enables students to reach a higher level of competence in contemporary spoken Spanish at a steady pace, taking into account the interests and needs of each individual student. At CEGRÍ we help students acquire foreign language competence as soon as possible.

The structure of the program will give students enough time to develop communication skills, while grammar, written exercises, pronunciation, culture, and vocabulary will also be important components of classes. CEGRÍ applies a pragmatic, student-focused, communicative, and intercultural approach to language and culture teaching.



CEGRI is a member of...
ASELE (Association for the Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language).
NAFSA (American Association of International Educators).

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign holds Spring, Summer, Fall and Academic Year Programs at CEGRI.

The University of Wisconsin at Madison and the University of Illinois at Chicago send students to join these Programs.


Homestay with a Spanish Family

Single bedroom and full-board. Students are responsible for contributing to the general order and cleanliness of the house. General utilities and sheets are included; students should bring towels. Laundry service twice a week is included.

Since CEGRÍ offers a full-immersion program we recommend living with a Spanish family so you can make the most of your study-abroad experience.

OPTIONS(add to comments in application form):

  • ■ Very Independent Family Relation
  • ■ Moderately Participative Family Relation
  • ■ Very Participative Family Relation

Homestay with a Spanish Family

6 weeks (Summer Session)                       EUR  1,100

16 weeks (Spring Semester)                     EUR  2,736

12 weeks (Fall Semester)                           EUR  2,000


Saturday before the course starts. Students check in directly at their accommodation address.


Monday morning after the course ends.



The allure of a town where East meets West, North meets South.

Granada, population: 300,000, is a very lively University town with over 60,000 students from all over Spain and a variety of other countries.

In Southern Spain, at the foot of the breathtaking Sierra Nevada mountains, Granada is known world-wide for the Alhambra Palaces, however, there is much more to see: the Palace of Charles V, St. Jerome's, The Royal Chapel, the Cathedral, the Chartreusse or the Madraza Palace (where one of the oldest Islamic universities on European soil once stood).

Here in Granada we enjoy a continental climate with a long warm season, lasting from May until the end of October.

The fusion of Eastern and Western cultures in Granada provides the city with a unique beauty.

Granada also boasts several famous international Dance, Music, Flamenco,Theater, Jazz and Tango Festivals every year.

The daily life in the old part of town takes place in small shops and bars, open-air markets and squares shaded by trees.

Spain's world-renowned poet Federico García Lorca describes his hometown as a place with plenty of time to relax and people who are honest, sensitive and passionate.

Through the town of Granada, CEGRÍ provides the strong socio-cultural background that is necessary for a full foreign language immersion.




Cultural Activities

included in the course fees

Flamenco evening, Excursion in Granada,+ 1 weekly cultural excursion for students taking the "History of Art in Spain" class, one of CEGRÍ's specialties.
This class in Spanish Art and History is conducted by professors of Art who specialize in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. The class is taught in Spanish and is interactive, it meets twice a week and offers a great overview of Granada and its most significant monuments. Admission to these monuments is also included








Spanish Language, Culture University Courses, Programs in Granada  Spain

Granada's airport

is connected by daily flights to Madrid, Barcelona, London
and other European towns.


Malaga's airport

is just a 2 hour bus ride from Granada
and is connected to all major international airports,
with both scheduled and charter flights.
(see Travel Links section)



Spanish Language, Culture University Courses, Programs in Granada  Spain


every hour from 7:00 to 21:00,
on Sundays until 22:00


Regular bus service from Estación Sur de Autobuses in Madrid

From Granada's Bus Station you can take a taxi or local buses to the center of town.
(see Travel Links section)



Spanish Language, Culture University Courses, Programs in Granada  Spain

Trains leave regularly for Seville, Almería,
Madrid and Barcelona from the train station (RENFE) in Granada.
Reduced student fares are available.
(see Travel Links section)



CEGRÍ faculty members make significant contributions in the fields of Spanish Language and Culture, including publishing books. You may purchase them online.


175 pages

Price: EUR 16,00


256 pages

Price: EUR 12,00


Units Spain Europe US & Asia
1 - 2             EUR 4,00          EUR 11,00             EUR 18,00
3 - 5             EUR 5,00 EUR 19,00 EUR 23,00


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