Courses in:

Spanish Language

- Grammar

- Reading

- Writing

- Conversation

- Pronunciation

Spanish Culture

- History

- Literature

- Cinema

- History of Art

- Current Events

- Tradition & Customs

- Law


Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced sections

Courses conducted in cooperation with the University of Illinois and other institutions of Higher Education

Note: Students enrolling for these courses at the Universities of Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan (Spring only), Indiana and Black Hills State University obtain full academic credit and other benefits.

Students from all over the world are eligible for the program.

1 lesson: 50 minutes
24 lessons per week
Classes run Monday to Thursday

All classes are taught in Spanish

Maximum group size
Language classes 12 students
Culture classes 18 students

Course Fees include:
Placement test
All learning material
One excursion in Granada
Flamenco performance
Course certificates and grades

Students taking the "History of Art in Spain" class have a weekly cultural excursion in Granada included in the course fees.

There are optional weekend excursions.

Course Description:
In our language classes small size groups and a dynamic approach to learning ensure frequent practice and interaction.

CEGRÍ supplies books for each course, designed specifically for students of Spanish as a foreign language. We also work with films and texts from Spanish newspapers and magazines.

CEGRÍ's approach enables students to reach a higher level of competence in contemporary spoken Spanish at a steady pace, taking into account the interests and needs of each individual student. At CEGRÍ we help students acquire foreign language competence as soon as possible.

The structure of the program will give students enough time to develop communication skills, while grammar, written exercises, pronunciation, culture, and vocabulary will also be important components of classes. CEGRÍ applies a pragmatic, student-focused, communicative, and intercultural approach to language and culture teaching.


Sacristía de San Matía 12, E-18009 Granada, España
   (34) 958228602